Study of SNPs (on XRQ/Ha412HO)

  • Massive haplotypes underlie ecotypic differentiation in sunflowers

    Marco Todesco, Gregory L. Owens, Natalia Bercovich, Jean-Sébastien Légaré, Shaghayegh Soudi, Dylan O. Burge, Kaichi Huang, Katherine L. Ostevik, Emily B. M. Drummond, Ivana Imerovski, Kathryn Lande, Mariana A. Pascual, Winnie Cheung, S. Evan Staton, Stéphane Muños, Rasmus Nielsen, Lisa A. Donovan, John M. Burke, Sam Yeaman, Loren H. Rieseberg


Ha412H0 Reference Genome

  • Publication pending. Access Web Portal here

HanXRQ Reference Genome

  • Badouin, H. et al. The sunflower genome provides insights into oil metabolism, flowering and Asterid evolution. Nature 546, 148 (2017). portal